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10 pack of 6.5" x 10" ultra wide bubble mailers

Self Sealing (Just peel-n-seal)– keeps contents secure and tamper -evident and easy to use. Extra Tough Bubble Inside.

• Easy to use – Prepare shipments quickly; these mailers are perfect for shipping a wide variety of items. High-slip bubble cushioning allows for easy product insertion and removal. Shipping labels adhere securely to the surface.

• Lightweight – Air bubble cushioning along with the polythelene exterior material provide exceptionally light protection. Lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equals big savings.

• Confidential – Completely opaque for content privacy and professional appearance.

• Carrier approved – Use for all of your shipments with all carriers including Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and more.

• Environmentally friendly – These mailers are 100% recyclable.

Material: Polyethylene

10 pack of 6.5" x 10"Bubble Mailer

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