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Iridescent Pastel Glitter Bundle Packs


By selecting our Iridescent Pastel Glitter Bundle Pack you automatically save 10% off!


Your options are Ultra Fine Bundle , Chunky Mix Bundle or Both Ultra Fine and Chunky Mix Bundle


Bundles are ONLY available in 2oz bag as this time.


-Ultra Fine Bundle- 12 colors 2oz bagged (1 of each color) -$64.80 a $7.20 savings

-Chunky Mix Bundle-12 colors 2oz bagged (1 of each color)-$72.90 a $8.10 savings

-Ultra Fine and Chunky Mix Bundle- 24 - 2oz bagged (1 of each color)-$137.70 a $15.30 savings


All sales are final.


Happy Crafting!


^v^ Creepsakes ^v^

Iridescent Pastel Glitter Bundle Packs