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UV Color Changing Ultra Fine Mix Glitter


This Glitter is an Iridescent Glitter that changes color from UV Exposure Only. Watch it change from Iridescent White to Green!


Features and Details:

2 oz or 4 oz available

Your choice of bagged or bottled

Iridescent Glitter

Size- Ultra Fine 1/128


Non-Toxic Material: Polyester - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)


White to Green Ultra Fine is also available in Chunky Mix


**DISCLAIMERS- If using an Epoxy containing UV protection this may effect the color change. Please test out prior to use! We will not be held accountable if your UV glitter does not change if coated with a UV protector. Some glitters require longer  Higher UV exposure than others. Colors may vary due to camera, lighting and variations of monitors and settings. Results will vary based on materials used for this product. Please test a small amount to make sure this glitter is suitable for your applications.


All sales are final


^v^ Happy Crafting ^v^

UV Color Changing White/Green Ultra Fine Glitter